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Every company and organization has a story that deserves to be told. Whether you’re a third-generation manufacturing business or a new non-profit that is using music and the arts to connect with children, the world needs to hear your story.

With Kodiak Creative, we specialize in documenting these unique pieces, taking the time to learn about your company or organization before we ever hit record. If we don’t know and understand your history, we can’t possibly deliver you a finished product that shares that with the world.

Keep in mind, you’re not just investing to create one finished piece. These videos can be split up and repurposed in many different ways, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.


You need people to operate your business. With the unemployment rate as low as it is today, you’re not recruiting unemployed individuals. Instead, you’re attempting to convince people to leave their current job and join your company. What better way to share that message than with a recruitment video?

With our agency partners, we’ll meet with your team and plan a strategic video shoot to capture and highlight the best characteristics of your company. Then, we’ll take the final product and deploy it as part of a digital marketing campaign to help generate leads and add to your workforce.


Capture the memories of your company or organization’s special event. Use the video to promote future events or as a memento to remember. 


Allow Kodiak Creative to create a video piece that showcases the different aspects of your company to use in new-hire on-boarding, trade shows, your website or any of a hundred other uses.

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