When was the last time you had your professional headshot taken? If you answer is more than two years, then you’re due for a new one!

With the role social media plays today, a clean, up-to-date headshot is one of the first interactions that you will have with someone and you want that image they see to be authentically you!

Each individual session is 30 minutes in length. This allows for time to Kodiak Creative to coach you through your session and review the in-studio shots and not feel rushed.

With a headshot session with Kodiak Creative, you’ll receive a digital download to your headshot with three separate backgrounds (white, color, transparent), and a license to use the headshot for your own use.

A single-person headshot session starts at $75 with volume discounts available for groups of 10 or more. For information regarding our group sessions, contact us today. Individual payments are accepted via Stripe. Group payments can be made via Stripe or Check/ACH with an invoice.

To register for an upcoming headshot session, use the calendar below. Session dates are highlighted in blue and available time slots are visible after you click on a date.

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